Suzie Sawyer - Nutritional strategies and latest research for supporting sarcopenia in an ageing population

Tuesday 21st November in Room 7 at Food Matters Live, ExCeL London

Diet and nutrition are key factors to maintain healthy ageing and help prevent disease. However, the physiological changes associated with ageing result in older people having some specific nutritional needs that differ from the rest of the population. This session will explore how manufacturers are addressing the different physiological changes to meet these specific needs. Leading experts will also provide an insight into the latest research examining the impact of ageing on the immune system.

Suzie is a highly qualified Clinical Nutritionist with over 15 years’ experience. From working at a private clinic in Harley Street to managing a team of nutritionists at one of the UK’s leading food supplement manufacturers, she is passionate about spreading the message and encouraging focus around optimum health and wellbeing.  Suzie also writes for various health publications and provides expert comments and journalistic interface as needed.

 Additionally, Suzie presents inspirational and enlightening nutritional seminars in the workplace. Her expertise and passion for wellbeing and nutrition ensures that her sessions are always delivered in a professional and engaging manner that encourages and motivates lifestyle changes.  She is also a regulatory expert in the field of food supplements and has worked on key formulations currently in the marketplace, whilst keeping a very keen watch on latest nutritional research.

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