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“Our mission is to bring better health and well-being to people around the world. For over 30 years, AstaReal® has been the proven choice of leading food supplement, cosmetic, functional food and animal nutrition brands globally”.


Trusted Science

AstaReal is an authority in human clinical studies and is the only brand of natural astaxanthin backed by 70+ clinical studies. With clinical studies across indications such as skin health, muscle performance, vision, cognitive function, heart health, immune function and anti-fatigue – you can be assured that AstaReal® is supported by solid clinical evidence. Our global team of experts can also guide you in the proper usage of our clinical outcomes dependent on the regulatory framework of your target market.

Unrivalled Quality Standards

Stability and purity of natural astaxanthin matters and poor quality can have a negative impact on your final formula. Our cultivation process allows for optimal maturation of the cells, resulting in a superior product with the highest quality, stability and concentration available on the market. Natural astaxanthin is a high value ingredient and not all astaxanthin is created equal, don´t take the risk –  use a trusted source of natural astaxanthin. Contact us to find out more.

AstaReal® is ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 , HACCP, Informed Ingredient, Halal and Kosher certified. Our Halal certification opens a range of opportunities for our partners.

Worldwide Expertise

Take your product to the world – our partners benefit from access to talented, high performance local teams of technical, marketing and regulatory experts with in-depth knowledge of your target region.


Your Partner for Innovation

The AstaReal® product range allows the development of innovative dosage forms, from traditional
to on trend. Speak to us about the latest market insights that may help you find the perfect delivery
format for your target market.

Our team is also here to share best practices and expertise – from formulation support, regulatory
guidance and stability and analysis services; AstaReal offers world-class support to our partners
so that you can offer your customers a perfectly formulated product.