Our sustainability agenda – Important areas

High Quality and Safe Products:

Our food safety guidelines ensure that our products are safe to use. Customers and consumers should know that they get the same high quality every time. Standards and systems ensure good control of food safety risks throughout the entire value chain.

All sub-contractors and warehouses that handle our products are regularly audited in accordance with the strict requirements of FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001. These is the basis of AstaReal’s food safety work.

In the development process, all products we launch have passed a thorough hazard assessment to identify and control potential health hazards Blinked to packaging, ingredients and use. All suppliers of products or services that could affect the quality or food safety of our products are assessed frequently. Internal audits are carried out regularly to ensure that we follow our routines and meet standards.

Conscious Staff:  In our work to inspire others, our employees are extremely important.

Goal – All our employees at AstaReal AB should be able to describe AstaReal’s sustainability work to a friend. In the most recent survey (2021), 81% of employees answered that they were able to tell a friend about AstaReal’s sustainable work, compared to 68% 2019.



Health and Safety: Our focus is on creating a health-promoting workplace. Our employees’ health and safety are highly prioritized. Our employees are offered a thorough health check once a year. We also have a generous wellness allowance and a “Feel Good” group that organize healthy activities.

Goal – Short-term sickness leave below 2.5%.

Goal – Zero accidents at work leading to personal injury or illness.

Responsible Purchasing: All raw material suppliers and sub-contractors to AstaReal must be certified according to one of GFSI’s (Global Food Safety Initiative) approved standards for food production, or able to prove they live up to our high standards regarding food safety. All suppliers that are included in our supplier assessment must accept our Code of Conduct and meet our requirements for social responsibility, climate, environment and governance. Our Code of Conduct includes a set of principles and guidelines for how to conduct our business in an ethically, socially, and environmentally appropriate manner.

Climate neutral- and environmentally certified electricity (EPD*): We have for many years purchased climate neutral electricity from hydropower. Climate neutral means that the life-cycle greenhouse gas emission caused by electricity production are compensated, with Gold Standard emission reductions issued for renewable electricity projects.

*EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is an independent verified and registered document with quality assured information on resource use, emissions, waste and recycling.